105 DIY Love Coupon Ideas And Printable Love Coupons For Couples

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We love giving (and getting) gifts for Valentine's Day, but what do you get a partner who is not at all materialistic and already happy with what they have?

It's not a reflection of a loving relationship and seems trite when you throw a box of new clothes or some grooming products at them — yet it's still important that you give them something every now and again to remind them how much they mean to you, right?

Enter love coupons.

Now, we know that the word "coupon" doesn't usually make your mind race with sexy thoughts — but we promise that love coupon books for boyfriends and girlfriends can be much naughtier than clipping discounts out of the Sunday paper.

Love coupons are an inexpensive way to add some fun into your relationship — and although you're giving them as a perfect gift, you can totally finagle the coupon ideas in your favor.

I mean, a DIY love coupon for a hot night at a hotel with your partner kinda seems like a win for everyone.

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And your printable love coupons don't have to be for the bedroom. Maybe your partner has been wanting a massage or a spa day — gift a love coupon to be redeemed whenever! 

There are a million different directions you can take them and they are the perfect DIY gifts for your boyfriend that will mean so much more than anything else.

Here is a free printable love coupon template that you can hand-write your own coupon ideas below:

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Love Coupons For Him

1. This coupon is good for 5 hours of uninterrupted video games.

2. One day of golf!

3. One wish granted.

4. Redeem for a trip to a local brewery of your choice.

5. This coupon is redeemable for help doing the yard work.

6. Redbox rental of your choice.

7. Redeem for a day of your personal nude maid service.

8. One shave coupon.

9. Win an argument!

10. A nap with no interruptions.

11. A wild guys' night in.

12. Takeout from the place of your choice.

13. "Let it go" coupon for when you don't want to hear about it anymore.

14. Control of the remote for a whole day.

15. One day of fishing, hunting, or hiking.

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Love Coupons For Her

16. A morning to sleep in.

17. I will give you a full body massage.

18. A day of no complaints.

19. I will be the designated driver for the night for you and all your friends.

20. I will do the errands you don't want to do.

21. A manicure and pedicure on me.

22. I will clean the house.

23. 24 hours of uninterrupted child care.

24. Be the car DJ for a day.

25. Redeemable for $100 worth of lingerie!

26. One nag-free day.

27. One fun shopping spree.

28. A beautiful bouquet of flowers.

29. One major compliment each day for a week.

30. An afternoon at the spa!

31. A nice, long foot rub.

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Popular Love Coupons For Home

32. I will do the dishes and laundry for an entire week.

33. One full night of snuggling and kissing.

34. A quiet Netflix and wine night.

35. A home-cooked meal.

36. Have the house to yourself for one night.

37. One night of watching stars together.

38. One stay-cation.

39. Breakfast in bed!

40. One load of laundry on me.

41. A day of decorating our home together.

42. One bubble bath together.

43. A day of watching five movies of your choice!

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Love Coupons For Dates

44. Recreate your first dinner date together.

45. Romantic evening of champagne and strawberries.

46. Three candlelit dinners at your choice of restaurant!

47. A romantic afternoon picnic!

48. Take a chance at some fun competition at the bowling alley.

49. Recreate the day we met.

50. An evening out on the town. It's all on me!

51. Take a cooking class together.

52. Go to a music festival together.

53. Take each other on a nice, relaxing wine tasting at your local vineyard.

54. A competitive game night.

55. A spontaneous ice cream run.

56. A night spent cooking dinner together.

57. Go on a moonlit walk together.

58. Have professional photos done.

59. A second Valentine's Day celebration.

60. An entire evening of dancing.

61. A road trip together.

62. A relaxing day at the beach.

63. A night at your favorite club.

64. One romantic day at the zoo or aquarium.

65. Five themed date nights.

66. Spend the evening planning our future together.

67. Create a time capsule together.

68. Surprise each other for lunch at work.

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Sexy Love Coupons

69. 30 full minutes of oral.

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70. Three passionate kisses.

71. One lap dance!

72. One whole day spent in bed.

73. Use for a naughty free wish.

74. A game of strip poker.

75. Skinny dipping together.

76. Morning sex.

77. Playtime in just heels.

78. One outing without panties.

79. One new position every night for a week!

80. One erotic massage.

81. One sex session. Anytime, anywhere.

82. I will do anything you ask for an entire day! (Safeword to be determined)

83. Let's have some fun with chocolate body paint!

84. One erotic movie night.

85. Redeem for a quickie.

86. Your choice of location for where we have sex.

87. A sensual massage.

88. A post-sex snack.

89. You choose the toy tonight.

90. Private photoshoot.

91. One hour of dirty talk.

92. Redeem for one 5-minute, knock-your-socks-off passionate kiss.

93. Back kisses.

94. One hot night at any hotel of your choice!

95. Hot-and-steamy shower sex.

96. Have any of your sexual fantasies fulfilled.

97. 20-minute make-out session.

98. Play a game of your choice — but naked (for example, Twister).

99. Three romantic wishes fulfilled.

100. One special night of role-playing.

101. Bring in your favorite aphrodisiac.

102. Good for one night of voyeurism; you can watch me.

103. A sexy all-nighter.

104. One steamy love letter.

105. One sexy wish fulfilled.

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