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9 Simple, Obvious, No-Fail Ways To Keep A Good Man Around FOREVER

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You can keep a player with you for a while by following these rules, but if you follow these rules with a good man, you'll keep him for a long time (and he won't be out out looking for a whore like a player). All women should keep these in mind to decide what type of man they want in a relationship: a player or a keeper.

  1. Keep clean and shave your legs, armpits, naughty bits, and ass.
  2. Wear sexy clothing. This can be as simple as a baggy t-shirt without a bra or just not having panties on.
  3. Absolutely NO mom clothes or granny panties.
  4. Flirt with him often.
  5. Have sex at least three to four times a week.
  6. Give him head randomly.
  7. F*ck around in public like a teenager.
  8. Be fun and have adventurous types of sex (public sex, going to a strip club, bondage, etc).
  9. Tell him what you want but don't expect it from him.

If you follow these guidelines, the player will see you as someone who's exciting, but a good man will want to be with you, and be amazed by you.

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