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20 Totally Cliché Photos EVERY Married Couple Has On Their IPhone

For some married couples, their Instagram/Facebook feed serves as a highlight reel of their relationship. A steady stream of countless moments that come together to tell a love story: their unique love story. But take a scroll through any couple's digital photo albums and you'll very likely see the same images over-and-over again ... starring a different cast of crazy cool characters. There are numerous moments—both candid and posed—that have started to seem, well, universal to married couples. Here are just a few that probably look pretty familiar to you:

The Selfie (aka The 'US'-ie)
Sometimes the selfie is the only way to chronicle the private adventures you share with just your spouse. Date night doesn't really happen unless you document it. (Or does it?)

The Proud Parent Shot
One of hundreds—no, thousands—of photos in your phone that capture the magic of childhood.

The Unflattering One That Your Spouse Took And Strangely Loves
This one isn't terrible, but it also isn't particularly becoming of you, either. But your spouse loves it, and as soon as you get your hands on their phone—DELETE!

The "Hot Dad" One
Proof of your other half's softer side. One look at this picture and you find yourself contemplating just one more baby.

The One That Makes You Tear Up
It was taken during a pivotal time in your lives and is a testament that your love was (and still is) enough. Only you know the backstory—and that's the only person who needs to know.

The Throwback
You've got this one lined up for #TBT (throwback Thursday). It's a blast from the past and when you look at it you say, "We look like babies!" Or alternatively, "We're old."

The Kissing Photo
A reminder that love is sweet and a husband will do just about anything for his wife. Also, shows off both of your fabulously chiseled profiles.

The One From Your Exotic Trip
You went to the beach and wrote your names in the sand or explored the flavorful cuisine and did a little sight seeing in a new (to you) city abroad. And then you posted it on Instagram in the middle of winter. #humblebrag

Your Favorite Shot From Your Wedding Day
You'd say "I do" again-and-again and love revisiting that special day (especially because you were in such good shape!)

The One A Friend (Or Nice Stranger) Took On Date Night
Because if not for the kindness of strangers, you'd be forced to take another selfie.

The One He Didn't See You Take, But You're So Glad You Did
Sleeping spouses (and babies) are just so freaking precious, aren't they?

The One That Proves, After All These Years, You're Still Dorks.
And lucky for your kids, your coolness runs in the family.

The We Miss You, Please Come Home Sad-Face Shot
The one your spouse sent you because the kids (wink, wink) miss you.

The His And Hers
A set of cups or matching slippers. The photo of two objects that speak to the fact that you two go together.

The One You Use For A Profile Picture
Professional lighting, great hair, great angle. Gosh, don't you two look just daaaaahling.

The Humble Brag
The flowers, the sweets, the clean living room: the picture that shows just how thoughtful your spouse can be.

The POV Shoe Pic
aka #fromwhereIstand, aka "My wife made me do this."

The Family Selfie (Felfie? Famlie?)
While you're sweet on your spouse, you're also sweet on the life (lives?) you've built together.

The Theme Park Photo
Long live your inner child.

The NSFW One
The one that reminds you that you're married to a heartthrob. But since that one is FOR YOUR EYES ONLY ... here's a picture of a kitty.