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As The Dating Coach for The Professional Woman, I dedicate myself to assisting today’s educated and accomplished woman in being in control of her love life. With the increasing number of women who are educated, claiming higher positions in the corporate world and becoming entrepreneurs, I certainly understand the challenges you face when looking for a healthy and long lasting relationship as well as a partner.

Because of this understanding, I get to work with some of the most active professionals, creative types, executive leaders and driven entrepreneurs just like you.

Considering the challenges women face when looking for love, I am responsible for putting you in the driver seat when it comes to your dating life, while avoiding the pitfalls of superficial dating you sometimes are exposed to.

My clients look beyond dating and find themselves at a stage of their life where they are looking for a meaningful relationship. One that is healthy, fulfilling and lasting. That's why they recognize the need for a specific focus on their personal life. They know that finding their best partner requires both a plan and embracing the idea of developing themselves through this journey. They know what they deserve and they aren’t afraid to seek assistance in order to find it.

My philosophy that “It takes two to tango" stems from the idea that as individuals, we must do our part and position ourselves in a way that will allow ourselves to be ready for our ideal relationship. As a result, being ready for your best partner and understanding male relationship behaviors” is the reason I emphasize a process which leads to increased self-awareness and a better understanding of men.

My mission is to give my valued clients the same level of confidence and the same ability to make the right choices and insights that they have developed in their successful careers.

Motivated by a passion for learning and solving puzzles, you can expect me to bring a great deal of enthusiasm to my work. One of the favorite things I enjoy about my job is that each client’s situation is unique because of their personalities and situation - from the wealthy divorcée who’s simply looking for a man who will be emotionally attentive and love her “for her”, to the professional woman who has recurring but short-lived romances, to the busy entrepreneur who knows her business inside and out but consistently falls in the “buddy zone” with men.

My lifelong passion for better understanding behavioral patterns and how to effectively create new ones for success, in the shortest time frame, has led me to complete my coaching certification with Results Coaching Systems.

Once you start working with me, you’ll realize how I leverage my extensive training in a brain-based coaching approach, assessing lifestyle, work, and core beliefs. This process not only will put you on a path to fulfillment, but will also provide you with the foundation needed to develop skills you will retain long after taking the program.

As a Dating Coach, I work closely with you, The Professional Woman, to assist in your journey by taking the guess work out of love and dating. You can rely on my intuitive approach, a highly personalized experience, and a scientifically-based process with the benefits of receiving insights into male dating behaviors. You’ll find that it certainly is the most effective way to take charge of your social life.

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