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Peace to you and yours!  I am Krsnanandini and I am Tariq.  We are a husband & wife team, Certified Family life Educators (CFLEs), who teach healthy relationship skills to individuals, couples and families.

Because we know that healthy individuals join together to create healthy families and healthy families are the foundation for healthy societies, we’re excited to share our products and services and invite you to contact us and click our website at www.dzfi.org for details.

You may have read some of our articles in the recently published best-seller, All-In-One Marriage Prep: 75 Experts Share Tips and Wisdom to Help You Get Ready Now.  Or, you might have read our own personal marriage story in the charming book, Cleveland Couples: 40 Inspiring stories of Love and Commitment.  Possibly you have attended one of our dynamic relationship workshops or conference presentations.  Maybe a friend or colleague informed you of the potency of our marriage, relationship and couple sessions.  Perhaps one of our articles -- in Balanced Living Magazine (Addictive Relationships:  I love you, so why can’t we get along?) or the Cleveland Family Magazine (Couple Kindness:  Keep the Romantic Fires Burning Or Teach Your Children the 4C’s: courtesy, compassion, cooperation and consideration) caught your eye.

However you come in contact with us, you soon learn that we’re on a mission to vitalize relationships, save marriages, enrich lives and empower families.  For over 16 years, as Co-directors of the Dasi-Ziyad Family Institute, we’ve worked with hundreds of couples, scores of individuals and many families to teach empowering and healthy relationship skills including communication, conflict resolution, goal-setting, win-win problem solving, values clarification, financial management and growth, how to be best friends with your partner and more. By utilizing relationship inventories and working in a practical, systematic way, our system is proven to equip couples with powerful relationship skills and tools. 

Additionally, we train and certify others to become Certified Marriage Educators or Instructors through our From Couple to Couple Training program. Our next training will take place in the Spring of 2011.  To register, click here. And, we have created and implemented two powerful Teach out of the Box curricula: SELF (Singles Evaluating Life and Family) Healthy Relationship Course—a 12 lesson course to prepare single individuals for healthy, vibrant relationships and Parenting for the 21st Century – an interactive, comprehensive educational and fun course for all varieties of childcare providers.  

Together we’re the parents of 19 children and so we have acquired the training, experience and commitment to inspire and motivate parents to raise healthy, wholesome children.

Some of our Workshops:

  • Avoiding Addictive Relationships:  Choosing Health and Hope
  • Benefits of a Principled Family
  • Building Your Relationship House with the Right Tools
  • “C” Yourself in a Healthy Relationship
  • Finding, Keeping and Being Mr. or Ms Right in a Wrong World
  • Healthy Communication in the Workplace and Beyond
  • How To Avoid Being With a Loser
  • We provide our relationship, marriage education and parenting services through magazine and newspaper articles, radio and television appearances, workshops, conference presentations, by phone, in person. Contact us and click our website at www.dzfi.org for details.