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About Jim & Carrie Gordon

We have been very happily married for 30 years and have, in the last 5 years, focused time on helping couples ignite the marriage of their dreams! 

A few facts about us:

  • married for 30 years
  • parents of 9 children, ages 13 to 29 (7 boys, 2 girls!)
  • 3 children are married (we have 3 grandchildren!)
  • serve as Senior Pastors of a growing church in Ontario, Canada
  • speakers at conferences and seminars
  • authored 6 e-books:
  • The 7-Day Sex Challenge

    Intimacy 101: A Primer

    6 Keys to a Love that Lasts

    Real Questions, Honest Answers: Vol. 1

    Real Questions, Honest Answers: Vol. 2

    99 Questions Before Saying "I Do"

  • founded The Intimate Couple website with over 400 articles related to intimacy in marriage
  • created The Romantic Couple website
  • well over 5000 intimacy surveys have been filled out online by our Intimate Couple Community
  • regularly host marriage preparation and marriage enrichment courses
  • Find more marriage advice here

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