Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever By Investing In These Newest Emotional


Keep the best and the brightest engaged using the most effective emotional intelligence

The digital transformation is not just about technology.

At the core, it's about how you communicate with your staff and how you organize the day to day tests and challenges that are part of the modern entrepreneurial workplace.

Today, more than ever, you need the skills to embrace ambiguity, be agile and pay attention, close attention to what is happening around you.

Here are the ways to keep growing and keep going:

*Kaizen: The Japanese concept of Kaizen, popular in western business decades ago, is being refreshed for today's workforce. It simply means, continuous improvement. Here are the component parts of how to keep everyone in an improvement mode using the "5S Method." First, you sort by removing all the unnecessary visuals from the work setting.Then you set in order specific locations for everything. Shine means keeping the work area clean. Then standardize by agreeing on what are best practices for the team. Finally, and this is a tough one, you sustain what has been put in order by not slipping back into old ways.

*Journey Maps: These are both internal maps for individual development plans that start with recruiting, onboarding, development, and retention. They give a clear and specific visual so each employee can have a sense of where they are and where they can go in the organization. It creates a sense of comfort and underlines accountability, so there is not a deer in the headlights look and comments like "You never told me THAT." There are also customer journey maps that map the real moments of truth on how your customers have their needs met so that employees cannot have the deer in the headlights look and make comments like "No one ever told me THAT."

 * Lifelong Learning: To remain competitive, training and career-focused education is necessary throughout people's working lives. Experiential programs are needed to help individuals learn to embrace ambiguity and stay agile when faced with challenges. This can be anywhere from a day team building program or longer outward bound off-site. There are lots of MOOC's (Massive open on-line courses), that offer new skill-based learning at low cost. Especially vital today are personal/professional programs that help people find the way out of outdated behavior responses that heighten conflict and lower productivity. These programs are becoming a must for today's stress-filled work environments.

In our ever-evolving business landscape where AI, robotics, and globalization mean constant change, the requirements for those who will survive to thrive, must stay ahead of the curve with personal growth interfaced with professional growth. No longer can nor should they be separated.

Learning is good for your health, cognitive functioning, and longevity. 

Creating a work setting that keeps people alert and curious is an economic imperative and a smart business practice. Make 2018 you year to help your company shine.

This article was originally published at Sylvia LaFair's website. Reprinted with permission from the author.