How The Survival Brain Can Shift You From Great To Gruesome


Here's what to do so you won't be held hostage by fear and worry when tough stuff happens.

You, entrepreneur, were blazing new trails, creativity oozing from every pore, with tons of energy and excitement.

And then one day, in the blink of an eye, you changed from a positive, magnetic visionary to a micromanaging, distrustful, controlling, angry, perfectionist monster.

And if this isn't you, I bet you know someone who did the Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde turnaround. Could be your employer, your business partner, or your love partner.

You shake your head and ask, "What the heck happened?"

Big question is: How does someone shift from great to gruesome and how can the curse be reversed?

Look, there are multiple negative characteristics in all of us. And much of the time we can keep them under control. That's when we behave in mature, responsible, and positive ways. Then something happens and our old survival brain takes over.

Instead of calm, you become frenzied. Instead of curious, you become indifferent. Instead of courageous, you become cowardly.

And once you start down the lane of negative emotions, self-sabotage is the rule of the day.You start to say things you will regret later. You point fingers and blame others. Your survival brain seems to loop around itself and negativity breeds negativity.

In fact, when you become unhappy and see the rain without any rainbows, here's what happens: cortisol becomes king. Elevated levels of this stress hormone interfere with learning and memory, lower immune function, heightened blood pressure and lots of other bad things for your health.

Way back in 1936, Austrian biochemist Hans Selye, began to dissect stress and what it does to our bodies and minds. He defined two types of stress: eustress, which is the good kind that keeps us focused and ready for challenges, and distress, which is the bad kind that makes us turn gruesome.

Both types of stress release cortisol and you become ready for action. On one hand, you can "carpe diem" and seize the day. That's the true entrepreneur in you. Take charge and find the solution and calm your thumping heart. Cortisol levels will return to normal.

Then there is the distress, that's when the negativity and free floating anxiety point you to self- sabotage.

The way out is available, so pay attention.

You need to be mindful and take charge of your thoughts. Positive Intelligence (PQ) and Pattern Awareness (PA) create the magic combination.

Here's a simple brain exercise to get you back into the groove from good to great and away from gruesome.

First, it's up to you to take charge. You command your brain to shift attention. Write the word shift on your computer. Put the word on your bathroom mirror and on your refrigerator.


That's your power word. When you command your mind to stop its negative chatter and direct your attention elsewhere, you are on your way to a healthier body, and better emotions.

Think about how you have planted your feet on the ground, or think about the delicious orange you were getting ready to eat. No matter what, simply shift your attention for the count of 10. You see, research shows that every time you make the shift and do a mental repetition, you are really strengthening the muscles of your positive intelligence brain.

And every time you observe the pattern you want to change it has less of a stronghold on you.

Make this part of your daily regime and you will be able to tackle even the most annoying situations in a more agreeable manner.

This article was originally published at Sylvia LaFair's Inc.com link. Reprinted with permission from the author.