Stop Kidding Yourself - You ARE Hiding Out From Life


What are you shoving down and not wanting to look at?  Do you feel like you are missing out on something and you just do not know what?  Or are you so numbed out that you are just going through the motions?  

Some people are so disappointed by real life that they are escaping into virtual experiences instead of having real experiences.  Like getting addicted to a TV series and grieving the story and the characters when it ends.  

Virginia Satir identified that we will blame, placate, compute or distract instead of leveling about what is really going on.   By doing this we hurt ourselves and those around us even more.  We can become so good at these ego protecting coping stances that we don’t even realize we are doing them.  And it gets in the way of getting goals and having better relationships with ourselves and others.

Heather McFall illustrates this beautifully.  If there was a hole in the boat and it was starting to sink, here’s how it would go:  
Blamer:       "Who put the hole in that boat?"
Placater:     "I’ll swim to shore so the boat won’t sink so fast."
Computer:   "The boat is sinking at 3 cubic feet per minute, so at this rate it will sink in 19.3 minutes."
Distracter:    "Look, a bird!”

Notice that none of these responses actually solve the problem. 

If you are caught by these coping stances, no wonder you are not getting your goals.  You are making yourself into a victim instead of doing what works.  It’s like a magic trick.  

So the next time you:

Blamer: Couldn’t help yourself, the donuts in the conference room were calling your name.

Placater: Are running around saving others and collapse in a heap at the end of the day.

Computer: Extensively research the best exercise equipment and end up using it as a clothes drying rack.

Distractor: Claim your life is too busy to stop lighting sticks on fire and sticking them in your mouth. can at least call yourself on it.  This opens up the possibility of actually getting your goals.

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This article was originally published at Health Local. Reprinted with permission from the author.