The Idea Of Being Hypnotized Freaks Me Out


I was at a social gathering the other night, and a woman I was chatting with admitted that she was freaked out about being hypnotized.  Worried about someone poking around inside her head and revealing her secrets.  She is one of the many people who have big misconceptions about what hypnosis is and does.

“I Don’t Believe In Hypnosis”

Some people tell me that they don’t believe in hypnosis.  This is like saying you don’t believe in breathing.  The truth is that hypnosis is happening all the time.  It just is.  So you can either keep your head buried in the sand or learn how to use hypnosis for your benefit. 

“The Hypnotist Will Control Me”

Many people are worried that the hypnotist is going to control them.  In fact, the opposite is true.  Learning hypnosis allows you to have greater control over yourself.  Or, you can continue to allow your mind to be controlled by your 4 year old self, your family of origin, your teenage-era friends, ads for pizza, the latest world catastrophe on the news, movies, etc.  You decide…

“I Will Reveal Secrets”

Only if you really want to.  The hypnotist can’t make you do anything, and is not deliberately trying to make you reveal your secrets. 

Sometimes hypnosis clients have a secret that is weighing on their conscience, and they need to tell someone.  The hypnotist may be the only person they trust enough to tell.  This is a relief for the client, and sharing their secret can help the hypnotist guide them to a better place.

Here’s What’s Really Freaky

What is truly freaky is this:  Spending your life stuck in old hypnotic trances that are wreaking havoc on your health, your weight, your self-confidence, your relationships and your success.  

So You May Surprise Yourself

A professional hypnotist helps you escape the soap opera you have created in your mind, so you can be more successful.  So you may find yourself suddenly wanting to get hypnotized, and pumped about building a better life.

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This article was originally published at Health Local. Reprinted with permission from the author.