4 Steps To Create A Miracle In Your Life

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“It’s a miracle!” exclaimed Sharon, after losing 106 pounds with my weight loss hypnosis program at Tampa General Hospital.

Sharon’s face was beaming with joy as I smiled back at her. I reminded her that it’s a miracle that she created because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  Consciously and subconsciously, Sharon made the decision to change her life.

And you can, too!  Here are 4 easy steps:

Step One: Make a Decision

That’s right. The first step to achieving any lasting change is deciding to do so.  Take an honest assessment of your life right now and make the choice to stop the suffering. End the madness. Make the decision to move in a new direction.

Step Two: Suspend Disbelief (skepticism)

The voice in your head will want to convince you that you can’t change. Don’t listen to it.  Don’t fight with it either.  That just makes it stronger. Instead, soften your stance. Smile at that insecure voice and say to it firmly, “Thank you for your opinion. I’m stronger than you know.”

Step Three: Connect to Your Heart

The only way to overcome fear is to embody love.  Put your hand on the center of your chest—your heart center.  Bow your head to your heart and call on Love.  The love you may have felt for a child or a pet or from a spiritual leader is inside of you now. Invoke that love by imagining/remembering it and breathing it into your body. If you can’t feel it, imagine what it would feel like if you were certain that such a Divine Love for you existed.  Whisper into your heart: I am loved, loving and lovable.

Step Four: Choose New Behaviors

Basking in Divine Love, connect to your Inner Wisdom.  Ask your deeper knowing to show you and remind you how you can best accomplish your goal. Create an action plan. When it comes to weight loss, remember all the simple steps that make it easier: Planning ahead, preparing healthy food, listening to your hypnosis cds, getting your Sugar Divorce, drinking Slender Cider.  Choose at least one new behavior daily to help you move towards your goals.

Stop waiting for a miracle to happen. You have everything you need to create the miracle that you’ve been longing for.  Your challenges are simply there to remind you that within yourself is a deeper love and strength than you can imagine. Don’t let the voice in your head stop you.

Know that when you have the courage to go past that chatter and connect to the voice of strength, wisdom and confidence in your deep heart—in the center of your brilliant, creative subconscious mind—there’s an amazing miracle waiting for you.  

Breathe deeply and say, “Yes, it’s time. I gratefully release the past and accept this miracle, with all my love.”

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Picture your success—your healthy body and lifestyle with weight loss being the side benefit. Imagine that your new life is real. Know that what you are imagining is the miracle that you are creating.

This article was originally published at Easy Willpower. Reprinted with permission from the author.