How To Awaken The Woman Within, And Create An Extraordinary 2018

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Just as we go to sleep if we don't Feel Loved, wouldn't you wake up too, if you Felt Loved?

If you are on the awakening Path, wanting to awaken the Woman Within, I’m sure you know all about the challenges to be fully authentic, yourSelf and embodied. I know a bit about it mySelf and use my strength and gifts of Self Love to awaken this Beauty inside of me. There is a real way how to awaken the woman within and get her out of snooze mode.

Hey, wouldn't you go asleep too, if you felt unloved, resisted and rejected?

Well, that's what we've all done. However, She still lives in your Heart and is ready to wake up again, but you are the one who has to Love Her back into existence.

Only you can do that! Only I can do that. I can Feel Her so clearly. I Feel 100% committed to letting Her out, but it’s not always easy. There’s still a few layers I need to Love mySelf through, before Her extraordinariness can shine Freely. How about you?

Have you considered how you want to Be more of Her and Become more of Her in 2018? Have you set any clear intentions how to make more space for Her – well, actually for You, because She really is You, isn't She? She is your True Self without the layers. And have you considered how to stop doing the opposite – compromising Her/You?

As you know, the beginning of a new year is always a good time to set powerful intentions and make a new Pathway for the Real You.

The Barriers That Hold You Back

We all know by now that we have many, many layers of conditioning. Just by being born into this existence, you learn to ignore and suppress your True Self, the Woman Within. My previous article touched on the ways how we all do that, and I encourage you to be very curious about how YOU do that.

I Feel such an immense passion for this subject of our True Self and what it takes to bring Light to the ways we are hiding Her. I can't stress enough the importance of learning to Listen to your body and learn how to Trust what you Feel or Hear. If you want to dive in deeper, please check out the program called The Global Impact Of Self Love. This program really helps you go deep into your body and get to Know who you are and how to naturally express yourSelf.

So How Do You Awaken This Beauty Who Lives Inside Of You?

Or said in another way: How do you keep Her asleep by ignoring and compromising your deeper Truth and authenticity?

I’m going to invite you to look at one – only one aspect of your life where you are not Being True to yourSelf. When you focus on just one aspect first, you have a much better chance to succeed in waking that part up.

When I do my own work, or support my clients, it always feels like shedding one layer at a time, even if that layer may be closely related to the next layer … and then the next. It’s like opening up the petals of a flower, where the most outer petal has to open up before the one underneath can unfold. Can you Sense the ease that comes when you just follow the natural unfolding without trying to force it?

The top petals up open easier than the ones underneath. When you start out, make sure to pick an easy area of your life that you know you'll be able to commit to and succeed in waking up. That's how you start awakening the Woman Within and that's how you'll experience the fruits of your efforts quickly.

If you try to get to the deeper layers first, you may get discouraged and give up. Please don't do that. You want to make sure that the Inner Woman will be liberated this time and you want to make sure that you follow her lead. She leads with Love.

Start With One Thing That Feels Safe

Let’s pick one part of your life that really is ready to wake up. You’ll know what that part is, because She’s been knocking on your door for a long time. Are you ready to open up?

You know you need to do this, yet have ignored it and postponed it. You KNOW how important it is to make that change in your life, right?

She’s knocking at your door right now making HerSelf known. Can you feel Her? It's that Feeling or fear you usually ignore or suppress because you don’t know what to do about it. Or maybe you resist Her because it could mean big changes ahead.

Yes, I know, change can be scary when you prefer to play it safe. However, this beautiful Woman inside of you is tired of playing it safe. She’s ready for a new adventure and that means you need to get out from behind your safety prison and take a risk.

Small risks are still risks, and is really all you need to start out.

The Steps How To Awaken The Woman Within

You’ve already taken the first step by acknowledging how important it is to make this change in your life. Now let’s take the next step: Instead of ignoring, suppressing or resisting Her, create a little space for Her. Listen to Her. Feel into what it is that you know you deeply want (or don't want) even though it may be a little scary. Just Feeling it and acknowledging it is all you need to do at first.

What happens when you just Feel into this part of you that has been trying to get your attention for awhile? What happens when you don’t resist it? What is different?

Do you Feel a little more breathing space and maybe a curiosity what the Woman Within is trying to let you know?

Yes, good! Listen to Her. What does She want?

  • Does She want you to speak up next time someone speaks down to you?
  • Does She want you to say no when you Feel a no, and not say yes out of fear of being disliked?
  • Is She tired of working at a job that gives you no sense of inspiration or joy?
  • Does She need some alone time with you, where you just Listen to yourSelf and leave the world behind for a while?

What is it? What is speaking to you from the depth of your Soul? What is it going to take for you to deeply Listen and make space for yourSelf?

The New You In 2018

In order to make 2018 a year where you can start living the extraordinariness of your True Self - the Woman Within - and allow Her to become the Woman Outside too, start with these simple steps. When you have acknowledged Her and Listened to Her, then take small actions steps to make Her come alive in this world.  Just those simple steps and voila! you are doing it!

Remember to take small steps in the beginning. I know I often talk about the deeper, bigger leaps in my blog posts, but that is only because I have taken those small steps too. Those are the petals you need to open before you can go deeper. They'll help you build resilience and courage to tackle the deeper steps. By then they won't seem scary. They have now become the outer petals, just like the ones you are going to tackle now are, as you're starting out. This deeper one is now just the next one in front of you, and really - that's all you can do anyway. Give it a try.

Be YourSelf A Little More

Dear Woman Within, I invite you to come out from behind the prison bars and test out the waters by Being yourSelf a little more. Surround yourSelf with other Awakening Women who also want to come out and play in a new way. It’s easier when you do it with others and feel encouraged and accepted to Be more of yourSelf.

If you don’t have the right community around you yet, I’d like to suggest you check out a program I recently taught called The Global Impact Of Self Love. This program will show you step by step how to Listen, what to Listen for, how it Feels in your body, and how to know what it all means. Then eventually you'll confidently know how to start taking little steps into your new life and let the Woman Within escape out into the world. In my own humble opinion, this is really the essential foundation we all missed when we grew up. Please check it out and see how it resonates.

You Know you are ready, don’t you? However, if this feels like too big of a leap to start on your own to become fully authentic, Pernilla is here for you. Why don’t you set up a time with her for a free 30 min. Discovery Session so together you can find out where you are currently in your life, who you would like to become, and what is standing in the way for that to happen. There's more help to be found about Self Love on DivineFeminineFlow.

This article was originally published at divinefeminineflow.com/pernilla-blog. Reprinted with permission from the author.