Why Mars & Venus Collide, Stress Workshop

Why Mars & Venus Collide, Stress Workshop
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Are you stressed out? Is it hurting your relationships, both personal and professional?

Do you feel constantly stressed out and on edge?

Or are you tired of your partner having a short fuse with you?

Is stress negatively affecting your relationships? Are you constantly arguing?

Are you feeling tired and fatigued all the time?

Are you having difficulty falling and staying asleep?

Is stress making you sick or causing you to gain weight?

Are you having trouble concentrating?

Are you moody and irritable much of time?

Our bodies were never designed to be under the amount of constant stress we find ourselves experiencing in today’s world. Now imagine for a moment, if you knew why men and women reacted so negatively under stress and how to practice “safe stress”. What it would be like if you and your partner understood how to better cope with stress yourselves, and how to help the other cope with stress more effectively as well. What would it look like? How would it feel to have a warm, loving and supportive relationship once again? To not be anxious all the time or to feel like you are walking on eggshells? How would it feel to be in a relationship in which you truly felt supported, understood and nurtured? This doesn’t have to live only in your imagination. It can be your reality. You can have a less stressful life and a more satisfying relationship if you are willing to learn what it takes.

For the First Time Ever!
Now, for the first time, our “Why Mars & Venus Collide…How Men and Women Cope With Stress Differently” eWorkshop is available online. In the past 8 months we’ve been bombarded with stories of doom and gloom relating to the economy. One of the effects of this is the increasing amount of stress these financial worries are placing on our relationships. In fact, financial stress is currently recognized as being one of the biggest problems in modern-day relationships; in part, because we don’t understand how men and women cope with stress differently. And because we don’t understand the differences, we tend to misinterpret them. And this often leads to misunderstandings and no-so-pleasant arguments.

Based on Dr. John Gray’s newest book, “Why Mars & Venus Collide”, this online eWorkshop is a fun, entertaining, and informative look at stress, including:

The negative effects of adrenaline and cortisol.

  • Why men and women respond to stress differently.
  • Practical ideas that can help men & women reduce stress for each other & themselves.
  • The role of the hormones testosterone and oxytocin in reducing stress.

This is a great workshop for individuals or couples alike.
The 5-session eWorkshop is presented live by a certified Mars Venus Success Coach, and supported with PowerPoint slides, video clips from some of Dr. Gray’s former sessions or workshops, theory, skills and interactive workshop exercises. You’ll receive strategies, tips, and the tools you’ll need to reduce the stress in your life, and to help your partner do the same. You’ll even receive a certificate of completion.

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