Dissolving into Soup ….. The Art of Transformation

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Embracing the risk and excitement of personal exploration and transformation.

People often talk about self-transformation and use the analogy of the journey from a caterpillar to a butterfly, but have you really thought about it.  Within the protective cocoon, the caterpillar releases enzymes to dissolve all of its tissue until it is like a soup, only then does it begin to reconstruct body parts.  Wow, just think about the deep dissolution and then the total reorganization that needs to take place before coming out of the cocoon. No wonder this whole transformation gig can be a challenge to negotiate.

I see this journey of going inward and then coming out in both myself and the clients I work with. Each element being filled with adventure and risk. What if what I’m doing is not correct? What if my final beautiful butterfly self isn’t exactly the way I want it to be? Risk and excitement, excitement and risk.

Then there is the actual struggle of getting out of that damn cocoon. Did you know that if you open a butterfly’s cocoon for it, the butterfly will never fly because its wings need to be squeezed out dry during the struggle. I think it’s the same for us, we become clearer about what we want when we really need to struggle and have commitment to the final outcome.

For me, each time I go in, I seem to come out just a little more ‘whole’. I remember a number of years ago the process was one of integrating my scientific background with my current work of helping people heal themselves. In this analogy, dissolving and integrating the scientist/researcher and coming out with the Alchemist; broadening my perspectives of transformation and healing to incorporate BOTH modern scientific methods and ancient healing techniques. Now I love promoting a holistic healing model, including the physical body, movement, body-mind connection, mind/emotions, energy and spirituality. Eastern philosophy meets western science … ancient healing wisdoms meet modern healing frameworks.

What do you need to dissolve?  Perhaps you have old belief patterns that no longer serve you and negatively impact your relationships.  What about dissolving old habits of food intake or lack of exercise?  Are there aspects of you that need to be re-integrate in a new way?  Perhaps previous passions pushed to the side need to be found again, refocused and part of your great transformation. 

There is a flow to all life, inviting us to explore new ways of being, nudging us to make the changes that are required to bring about transformation.  Take a moment, can you feel the pull of transformation within you?  I’m sure you know what is not working and what needs to change.  Will you allow unhelpful patterns to dissolve into the soup and are you willing to take the adventure of self-discovery, healing and transformation?  

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This article was originally published at Core Wisdom. Reprinted with permission from the author.