To be efficient we must learn to pause


Learning to pause will allow more perspective on reality, and mastering this art can set us free

One of the biggest lessons I have had over the last 18 months is learning to pause. I can tell you that burnout and overwhelm are exceedingly common than most have understood. In fact, the majority of people that come to me for help are related to a sense of not being enough for the life they have made for themselves.

I remember being in that boat myself and as someone who not only works with other companies but for themselves it is a natural trap to set for yourself. We put the blinders on and reject reason to reach a goal, and then *BOOM* we fall into a deep hole. It happens to individuals in many industries, especially those who have the entrepreneur spirit.

They take the grind, hustle, jabs, hooks and whatever other cliche is pumped out there to the level of grinding their bodies, minds, and being down into the ground. The question then becomes who is going to pull you out of the hole you have dug for yourself?

Those are the moments we need to learn to pause. A pause is a place that exists in many active areas of nature and life. It is a place in which we as individuals can take 2 seconds to adjust our lenses to see a bigger picture of possibility, let our body fall out of the flight, fright, freeze response and find our natural equilibrium again. Just as a rapid stream often slows itself around the natural formations of rocks and elements we as humans need to learn to slow ourselves in the flow of daily life. If not, we will end up with a massive upheaval of destruction with very little intrinsic control or efficiency.

Nature provides the examples of what balance is like, so do your best to take time to learn from it. It may help you with the idea, venture, and focus you desire, additionally providing you with perspective to prevent yourself from ending up like Humpty Dumpty.

To learn about this and my services feel free to visit me at luisriverams.com. Enjoy learning to be your undivided true self this week.

This article was originally published at Linkedin. Reprinted with permission from the author.