Make Time For Personal Development

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We hear it all the time. Make time for yourself and you’ll be a happier person! Take care of yourself and you’ll thank yourself later, many of us forget those words the second life gets busy and we get overwhelmed with daily things.

However as Hal Elrod says in his book, The Miracle Morning, “When we fail to make time for personal development, we are forced to make time for pain and struggle.”

Personal development is not just about training our mind, but also training our body and developing and overall better relationship with ourselves. Whether we do this by having a daily schedule that includes a few minutes of quiet meditation time, some physical activities, foods that nourish us, being around people who have a positive impact on our lives, the results are the same. Here are some important things that start changing in your life as soon as you decide to make time for personal development.

  1. Sleep. If you’ve ever had trouble sleeping, be prepared to say goodbye to bad sleep as you embark on your journey of personal development. As you learn more things about your personal development, you also learn to let go of the stress and tension that’s keeping you awake at night.
  2. Relationship with others. Once you improve your relationship with yourself, the relationship with other people starts improving too. You start being more confident in yourself, start standing your ground when needed and start knowing which fights are actually worth fighting.
  3. Relationship with time. Do you ever feel like you never have enough time? Or maybe you’re just not the best at managing your time. By setting clear boundaries once you up your personal development game, you will find yourself having more time. Not because there are more hours in the day, but because you learned to manage it better.
  4. Overall mood. This one is a no brainer. Once you improve your overall life, your mood will clearly improve.
  5. Improved focus. Because you are so clear about your priorities in life, you can also better focus on one thing at a time without feeling like you’re getting pulled in every direction.
  6. Resilience. You may think you’re invincible now or you may be on the other end of the spectrum thinking you can’t survive anything, but once you up your personal development, there will be nothing taking you down. Every time you succeed, you will push forward and every time you fall down, you’ll know you can get back up and fight again.
  7. Motivation. Talk about where there’s a will, there’s a way. You will have the will to move mountains and accomplish anything you set your mind to.

It may not seem like you have time for personal development, but making the time and making the commitment to invest in it with unveil you as your greatest resource.