Your Bad Body Image & Your Kids: A Dangerous Combination

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Imagine your child watching you get ready for work in the morning. Would he/she hear you say "I am so fat; this outfit shows all my worst body parts! My thighs are huge; my butt is dragging; why can't I be more self-disciplined?" — all while you are eating a bagel with cream cheese and drinking a sweetened café latte?

In all my years as a parent educator, I have never met parents who earnestly wanted to hurt their children. Most parents sincerely want to encourage and empower their children to lead strong, successful lives. However, it is their lack of mindfulness that defaults into old patterns and belief systems that teach their children harmful messages rather accidently.

Every moment is a teaching moment and kids believe what you share with them, both verbally or non-verbally.

Negative self-talk. The negative messages and thoughts that operate like a well-oiled train running around and around in your brain were planted in your youth. Perhaps it was your mom's excessive worry about dieting and "looking good" or your dad's jokes about people who were overweight. Somehow you brought thepreconceived notion that how you look is more important than who you are into your adult life.

It is not easy to stop the negative self-talk and self-abuse if you are not satisfied with your outer body, but it is possible. If you do not want to leave a legacy of complaining, comparing and self-criticism, turn your negative attitude into a positive outlook in honor of the kids. Break the cycle of self-loathing the body today. Keep Reading ...

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