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The youth feels appealing, especially as years go by, and you feel farther and farther away from it. As we are farther and farther from it, we forget how difficult it is to survive and make it as a young person.
As a rule, young people are in the business of starting to shape their lives in the way they want to. To do so, they must get a good job, make friends, go on dates, many want to get married or desire a family. Some prefer to stay single. 
Some young adults feel awkward about their looks. But less known, some feel anxious because of a very different and equally important matter. They assume they are interesting enough. How to be more enticing is a salient question they need urgently answered. These adults believe, with or without reason, that to achieve their lives' goals one must be engaging if not compelling and even spellbinding. A tall order if I ever saw one. 
In general, in psychotherapy, the question of being captivating enough takes a while to unpack with clients and patients. Why? Because unfortunately, you can feel what you are not. For instance, you can be thin and believe you are fat. Or you can be smart and think you are not. Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions depend on events and interpretations of events in your life. And all of this, of course, is related to the age in which those events happened to you. 
The issue of 'being interesting' is similar and equally complicated, as the fat-thin or smart-stupid example. 
Most people like going to bars, sports, and music as their way of entertaining themselves. Let's imagine you are captivated by classical music, or love collecting stamps from different countries. Do your hobbies mean then, you are less entrancing than your friend Mary? 
The question of being enthralling burns deep for those who want their dreamed job, a love partner, or to join the group they desire. Keep in mind that being an interesting person is in the eye of the beholder. Super-boring to Peter may be spellbinding to Tom.  If you try to fake what you enjoy for the sake of an outcome, you will be cheating yourself, the people on the other side and, you will not be able to keep it up longterm.
Chances are you already are an interesting person, however, here are tips so you can relax in your next.

 9 Tips to be more interesting:
1) Keep informed about the world's news, at least what is going on in the present. 
2) Unless you hate reading, have in mind books you loved, so you can recommend them, or discuss them.
2) Unless you hate the movies, have in mind films you enjoyed watching.
3) Relax.
4) Be yourself at that meeting, date, or interview. 
5) Express your opinions. You can do it kindly but still do it.
6) Keep in your comfort zone. Do not try to impress beyond it. You only want to go outside of it for yourself. 
7) Interesting people keep it real. Be yourself.
8) To be funny is no prerequisite for a good life. Some of us are, and some of us are not.
9) In trying to be interesting, do not miss if the date, the job, or the house interests you. 

Iréné Celcer is a psychotherapist and an author working and living in Atlanta GA, USA, and in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For more information, visit her website.

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