Why Do You Attract Commitment Phobes

How To Stop Getting Into Relationships That Rarely Get Off The Ground

And then the unthinkable happens. He or she does a 180 and tells you they're not ready for a relationship. It's not you, it's them. Or worse: they flake out altogether, without as much as an excuse or an explanation.

What's going on here? You want a genuine, lasting relationship. You're a good catch. Why does this keep happening?

What You Attract Is No Accident

It's incredibly frustrating when you want something so badly, but you just keep getting the opposite.

This is doubly true with dating, and we know you want answers.

Are you doing something wrong? Are there just no decent, commitment-minded people out there? Or are you somehow deeply flawed or damaged - doomed to be loveless?

Well, there's something you need to know that may be hard to hear, but ultimately can be the launching pad for you to end this painful pattern forever:

There is something within you that is causing you to keep attracting people who won't commit.

But it's not that there's something wrong with you.

On the contrary, what you are experiencing is simply a negative pattern of your own creation.

And because you have created it, you can also UNDO it.

Is Your Subconscious Choosing Your Dates For You?

At some point in your life, early experiences (stemming even from childhood) and prior relationships led you to believe that finding lasting love was hard - that you had to work at it, or that people were bound to leave you, or that being happy in love was just luck of the draw.

When you are subconsciously operating from these limiting beliefs, you end up with... limited options!

Because your subconscious believes that finding and keeping a great relationship is nothing short of an impossible feat for you, it LOOKS for opportunities to prove that this is true - and steers you away from the very thing you want most.

So, you will be drawn to partners who won't or can't create a lasting relationship with you.

No wonder you're frustrated and feel powerless.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Just as you were "programmed" with these beliefs, you can also consciously reprogram new, healthier beliefs that will completely shift the kind of person you attract.

Gay's Story: Why Can't I Find A Normal Relationship?

Before Gay met Katie, he appeared to be a magnet for unstable women.

Without fail, his relationships were marked by tumultuous ups and downs, particularly with women who needed some kind of "saving."

Worse, these women who seemed so dependent on him for salvation would almost always end up... leaving him.

This left Gay scratching his head in frustration, until he realized he had been inadvertently playing out an old drama from childhood: his father had died while his mother was pregnant, and so his early experiences in life were fraught with instability. As an adult, he naturally gravitated toward needy women, but because the absence of his father was so notable, he also attracted women who would eventually abandon him.

These experiences created subconscious triggers in him that were running on autopilot, leading him into one unsatisfactory relationship after another.

And it would have stayed that way had he not become conscious of what was really happening under the surface - and made the shifts he needed to take control of his life and create new, healthier patterns.

Likewise, maybe you attract men who can't commit because you have an unresolved fear of abandonment.

Or you seem to be a landing spot for needy women because you felt responsible for your mother's happiness when you were a child.

Again, there's nothing wrong with you - you're simply replaying an old drama.

But you can re-write the script.

Experience The Same Transformation And Watch Love Flow

If you keep attracting commitment-phobes, it's not because there's something wrong with you. Rather, you're subconsciously operating from a limiting belief that is false.

It's the belief that's wrong, not you.

The minute you dismantle the wrong belief and replace it with a positive one, you also interrupt your usual pattern of attracting the wrong relationships - and start attracting the right one.

You might find it hard to believe that shifting underlying beliefs will do the trick, but we've seen it happen time and again with singles just like you who were previously stuck - and are now happily enjoying the relationship they've always yearned for.

Just like Gay, creating your happy ending means going to work uncovering your subconscious patterns and dissolving them one by one. Then you need to become very clear on what you want - and don't want - in a mate. Finally, it's time to get yourself into the right physical, mental, and emotional space for love.

Only a month after Gay experienced this turnaround, Katie appeared in his life, and he was finally able to create with her the relationship his heart had been searching for.

When you go through our process, you'll start attracting the kinds of people who are capable of deep intimacy and commitment - and be the kind of person your ideal partner is naturally compelled to be with.

Nobody can do this work for you. And that's a very good thing - because you don't want to be living someone else's story anymore. Once you make these shifts, the power you feel in your life will have a domino effect, making you more confident than ever in your innate lovability. A very attractive quality, indeed.

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