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You can find Love in 90 Days! The right Love Mentor can help you have it all.

About Diana Kirschner

Hi! I’m Dr. Diana Kirschner. You may have seen me as a relationship expert on The Today Show, on the Fox Morning Show where I ran the 90 Day Love Challenge or on the PBS Special, Finding Your Own True Love. And many of you have read my best-selling dating advice book, Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love.

I am overjoyed to tell you I discovered precious secrets about dating & relationships that allowed me to create love beyond my wildest dreams! Not only for myself–with my terrific husband of over 25 years–but for thousands of others. True love actually exists and it can last for a lifetime! I mean with the hot sexy in-love parts still going strong. There’s actually serious research on this topic that’s been done all over the world with tens of thousands of couples. There are even brain-imaging studies of happy couples who’ve been together over 20 years!

My life’s work has been to study those findings and apply them in real life with my male and female clients, students and with the many therapists I’ve trained. The result: I have helped thousands of single women find lasting love. Now it can happen for you. What they learned is in my new relationship advice book, Sealing the Deal: The Love Mentor’s Guide to Lasting Love .

Thousands of singles found true love following the principles in Love in 90 Days. But then they wrote to me asking, “Just how do I go from casual to committed?” “We have been dating for years and I want to take the next step forward. Please let me know.” “I have been in a great relationship, but now it is falling apart. Help!” So I went on to write a new book that answers all these questions and shows you how do deepen any love relationship, whether you have been dating a few months or on again, off again for seven years. Even if he has cheated!

To see what John Gray, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Arielle Ford and many other self-help gurus have to say about my new relationship advice book, Sealing the Deal, Click Here. You’ll also get a detailed inside look at Sealing the Deal and it’s on sale now at almost 50% off.

Love Mentoring

Inspired by my gratitude for my amazing Love Mentor™ who helped me stop to settling for crumbs & my ongoing love story with my amazing husband, I am on a mission: to connect women all over the world with FREE profoundly helpful Love Mentoring™ so that they can create the love relationship of their dreams.

I am thrilled to tell you I have hand-selected expert coaches, who have successfully used my program to get or stay happily married. I personally supervise them so you get highly specialized one-on-one dating coaching and love mentoring™ (by phone or Skype) for free!

You can read about Robin's success working with a Love Mentor™ here!

Now you can have your very own caring, devoted and knowledgeable Love Mentor™ who gives you inspiration, support, and the most powerful dating tips and relationship advice. To help you find the love of your life and make your deepest dreams come true. The best news is, right now, as we kick off the Love Mentor™ Coaching we can give you an introductory 40 minute, one-on-one personalized session for free.

Because I want everyone to be able to have this incredible gift; the kind of gift that has completely transformed my life. Click here to schedule your own free, 40-minute, one-on-one personal love mentoring™ session. We meet with clients by phone or Skype and would love to share your journey.

I welcome you to partake in the heart-centered phenomenon that is bringing love to women all over the world.

With love & gratitude,

Dr. Diana


Diana Kirschner Success Stories

Robin's success using my Love Mentor™ Program

Women seeking a relationship

“Having a Love Mentor was what allowed me to get married. That guidance helped me get over my tendency to blame the other person and wanting to be right. Nurturing loving guidance combined with a firm hand in letting me know when I was being a spoiled brat allowed me to look at my own patterns from a neutral perspective. I learned that I deserve to be supported on all levels, including financially--that I could have a true reciprocal loving partnership. Our wedding was spectacular and I couldn’t be any happier!”

~Robin, Los Angelesmore

The Love Mentoring™ program can help you do a 180 in your love life! It can help you go from wondering when or if you will ever meet Mr. or Ms. Right to the security of a fulfilling, lasting relationship.

Visit http://lovein90days.com/coaching/ to get your FREE, personalized, 40-minute one-on-one session with a Love Mentor. We offer sessions by phone or Skype.

If you're ready to bring love to your life, take us up on this special offer ASAP because time slots are filling up very fast.

Here are a few questions you could ask in your Love Mentoring™ session.

• How to use a Love Intention to call in the One

• How to quickly get out of heartbreak

• How to build irresistible confidence & charisma

• How to deepen your relationship

• How to get great results from your online dating program

• How to magnify your confidence on the way to the first meeting

• How to determine if he or she is the One

• What to do if you are feeling shy

• How to become magnetically attractive to the ones you want

• How to get the commitment you want

With love & gratitude,

Dr. Diana


90 Day Love Challenge Success

Single women

In January, 2009 FOX'S MORNING SHOW WITH MIKE AND JULIET issued an official challenge to Dr. Diana: Could she really help someone to find love in just 90 days? True, lasting love? Over 13 consecutive weeks Fox viewers watched and ratings hit an all-time high as Dr. Diana helped 37 year old Amelia go from zero dates to having 12 great prospects to a dramatic finale where a beaming Amelia found the One.

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