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6-10 years


Oakland CA 94608 - United States


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Attorney, Career Coach, Mentor, Spiritual Coach, Wellness Coach

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Helping Women Become Mothers

About Sarah Kowalski

I’m Sarah Kowalski, a Single Mom by Choice, Fertility Doula, Life Coach, and go to guide for women who are contemplating single motherhood, having fertility issues or raising donor-conceived children. After my own journey to motherhood, I've realized that it doesn't always transpire the way we had hoped and dreamed.  In my case, it required doing it solo via egg and sperm donor at an older age than I expected.  That experience has caused me to redefine what I thought it meant to be a mother.  Now, I inspire women to reconsider what it means to be a mother so they can embrace their unique path to motherhood and get down to being a badass mama.

I combine my personal experience as a Single Mom by Choice,  my 8 years of coaching expertise and my background as a lawyer to help women to cultivate the love, courage and tenacity it takes to conceive and raise a child through unconventional means.

Through my one on one coaching, support groups and informative blog posts, I help women do whatever it takes to become a mother --whether that means becoming a single mom, utilizing IVF or other Advanced Reproductive Technologies (ART), such as egg donation, surrogacy or adoption.  My clients call me a "treasure trove of information and support for single motherhood and fertility issues."

When I'm not helping women navigate sperm or egg banks, you can find me running interference between my toddler and my two 70 pound dogs, cooking up a delectable stew, having impromptu dance parties with me son or singing along to the radio.

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