3 Steps To Replace Negative Self-Talk With Beliefs That Empower You


Have you ever had some jerk tell you that you’re not smart enough? Or that you’ll never find great success, true love, or genuine happiness? 
Is this heinous, rude critic…yourself?  


It seriously cramps your style…don’t let it hold you back anymore!

Negative self-talk sabotages our dreams and goals. It crushes our confidence and can lead to depression. The worst part is, every time it speaks, we listen! It's like an old playground bully, who's trying to hold their power over you.

Do you envision starting your own company and living financially free? As quickly as you dream it, your inner-critic shoots it down! You’re imagining the bliss of financial independence and the freedom that comes with being your own boss, but that bully in your head is saying, “Are you crazy?! Ya know 50% of all businesses fail.

Remember when you couldn’t even get that promotion at work? Save yourself the embarrassment ... avoid another failure!”
Ironically, this b.s self-talk keeps us in our safety zone (aka our comfort zone), even though our aspirations are much higher. 

As your subconscious tries to protect you from the unknown, your conscious mind wants to break those barriers and unleash your hidden badass; the result is emotional turmoil.  Know what I’m talkin’ about???

Destructive self-criticism creates a cycle I call the “Belief-Behavior Loop Effect.”
Your behaviors and actions support your limiting beliefs. Thus, your results in life are based on these toxic thoughts. Over time these views become stronger and gain more power over you, unless you find a way to get yourself off this endless racetrack, to open the gate to a more positive road.


You wouldn’t put up with this criticism from a friend, so don’t accept it from yourself!

To start replacing your negative self-talk with beliefs that empower you and invite success, remember the 3 A’s System.

1.  Awareness - This is the first step to stomping out your inner critic.
Use the question below to help you discover what you’re saying to yourself. Think of something you’ve wanted to accomplish, become, or do for a long time but have not because of excuses that rise up.

I’d love to _________________, but I'm resisting because ______________. 

Then ask, 'what's scaring me from taking the action?'

For example: I’d love to become an author, but I don’t have enough time, experience, or money right now.

Once you’ve filled in the blanks, go back, and examine your reasons for not achieving your desired accomplishment. Keep asking yourself what's scaring you and why, until you have vetted out all your rationalizations. You should have uncovered a few beliefs that have held you back.

Mindset/Reset - Think about your limiting beliefs that came up when doing the above exercise. For each one, flip it to a new truth that will move you forward and empower you.

 For example: “I have no time to write a book.” Replace this with, “I will dedicate every Sunday morning to writing my book. I am completely capable of achieving this”
Another example: “I am afraid of becoming successful because if I stand out, people will not like me.” This mindset can be more challenging to discover, as it’s often buried under many layers. However, once you uncover a strong belief (like this one), with conscious actions, you can become unchained to step into a new world. 

2.     Action - 90 Days to Success Blueprint 

Now that you’re aware of the negative thoughts you want to change, you need a plan to make it happen. I have all my clients create a 90 Day Success Blueprint. Basically, be clear on the goals you want to accomplish within 90 days, and then break down what needs to happen, each week, to get you there.

3.  Accountability - Support & Effective Tools

You may have crystal clear intentions, know exactly what goals you want to accomplish, and even have a well thought out blueprint. However, it is extremely easy to be thrown off course, lose momentum due to a setback, or get distracted by a shiny object. Having a group, mentor, or coach is often the determining factor in your level of success. They are there to push you through challenges and ensure you’re sticking to your plan. 

Think of a fitness trainer that you hire. How many times have you put off going to the gym because you’re tired, unmotivated, or too busy? However, if your trainer is expecting you, you’re far more likely to go. Not only that, he/she will push you to persevere and have a good session. The result, you’re more likely to lose a few l.b’s and increase your swagger, as your confidence skyrockets. Heck ya!

Now imagine you’re working toward your goals in your 90-Day Blueprint and then life happens. Your taxes are due and require your attention. That promotion you expected is given to your rival.  Little Joe comes home with a weak report card, and you realize he needs more of your help. How common is it for confidence to decrease, excitement to evaporate, and momentum to be lost? Having a person you’re accountable to will get you back on course.... way quicker!

When your negative beliefs are replaced with empowering ones, success and joy are a natural outcome.  Your decisions become more evident and easier, because your mind isn’t cluttered with self-doubt.

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Midori Verity helps ambitious professionals break through the mental challenges that have held them hostage, and achieve their goals with ease and confidence. She's a best-selling author, speaker, and show host.

This article was originally published at https://themoxlife.com/. Reprinted with permission from the author.