10 Steps To Kick Off The New Year | Mindset Is Key!

Seriously, are you fed up with setting goals only to find yourself going in circles, frustrated because you're not seeing enough progress, and then blue because you're not reaching your projections?!

Every business consultant has their template for goal setting. However, if it's not incorporating tools to manage your mindset it's waay tougher to achieve the goals. I know because I went through this for years!!!

Everyone has goal setting tools BUT to have lasting success you must incorporate managing your mind. 

Here's your comprehensive checklist to help you combine a success mindset with your business plan, to make getting to your next level easier and more sustainable. You can sooo do this!

1. Reframe Your Brain: what one or two traits (negative self-talk or behavior loops) are mentally holding you back? How are you going to replace these traits with ones that support you better? Might you be a bit of a Negative Nelly but aspire to be more of a Positive Polly?

2.   Invest in something that scares you but will push your business forward. Technology, seminar, equipment, course, coaching/mentoring.

3. Schedule 3 hours of implementation per week. The ‘do’! The action plan. 

4. Gratefulness: each morning before rising from bed think of 3 things you’re grateful for.  This will help you in embracing your Positive Polly...and people will like you more!

5. Commit to doing that thing that moves your business or career forward. Making calls, podcast, videos, networking, doing a seminar.  What’s your time commitment per week?

6. What are you going to give up that slows you down?  What can be delegated? Is it time to hire a housecleaner or assistant???

7. Weekly health goal.  Keep it simple.

8. Weekly goal of restoration. Massage, facial, socialize with friends (think of ‘Sex in the City’), sleep in, etc.  Something that has no work or productivity involved.

9. Specific 90 day goal related to your earnings. Is it time to create a side hustle or launch a new product?

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10. Push goal:  What you’re going to do to make #9 happen.  Be very detailed and write this out.

This article was originally published at The MOX Life. Reprinted with permission from the author.