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YourTango is the leading online magazine dedicated to love and relationships. 

We know that by helping women love better and connect more meaningfully, they feel happier and a greater sense of belonging. This is what drives us. Endless research proves this point: we are fundamentally social creatures, emotionally and biologically hard-wired for connection. 

Through emotionally intelligent, real, relatable editorial, YourTango focuses on what’s happening inside our readers’ hearts and minds. By bringing to light issues women care and think about, but often don't talk about, we help them feel more confident and less alone. 

Featuring a collection of diverse voices, YourTango shares affirming stories, thoughtful opinions, funny perspectives, approachable expert advice, and lots of fun, shareable lists that, together, help foster stronger, happier relationships with those who matter most, including our selves, spouses, kids, crushes, friends, families, pets, and, yes, sometimes even our exes!

YourTango has built a powerful platform where a community of readers, writers, brands, thought leaders, and the world’s leading relationship and mental health experts connect and engage where it matters most: the heart.


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