Who Is Marsha Blackburn's Husband? New Details On Chuck Blackburn

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who is Marsha Blackburn's husband

He wrote a book about bow ties.

After the outcome of the 2018 midterm elections, there were many upsets across the country. As the GOP maintains control of the Senate, they’ve added a few new Senators to the list, one of which is Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee. Before winning her seat, she served as a U.S. Representative as well as in the Tennessee Senate.

She’s known for her very traditional conservative values, including being against same-sex marriage, anti-abortion, and voted against net neutrality and to repeal and replace the ACA. She was also a supporter of the “Birther Bill,” and even rejects the theory of evolution. Not surprisingly, she is also a supporter of the president.

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But how has being an incumbent Senator affected her personal life? What does her family think of her viewpoints and running for a seat? Just who is Marsha Blackburn’s husband? Here are four details to know about Chuck Blackburn and their relationship.

1. They’ve been married for over 40 years.

The couple wed in 1974.

2. They have two kids.

They are parents to two children, Mary and Chad. But they are also grandparents to two young children!

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3. He’s a sales executive.

After getting degrees in Economics and Marketing, Blackburn worked for the Southwestern Company. He was also a salesman and a representative for “the finest men’s specialty shops in the Midwest, selling very high-quality clothing including ties.”

4. He’s a big fan of bow ties.

He’s the founder of the International Bow Tie Society and even wrote a book called The Bow Tie Bible: A Seriously Funny Guide to How to Bow Tie.

Some of the “Bow Tie Commandments” include: “Thou shalt not wear pre-tied or ‘clip-on’ bow ties,” “Thou shalt NOT wear bow ties so neat and symmetrical as to appear pre-tied,” and “Thou shalt NOT wait past age 12 to learn how to properly tie a bow tie.”

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