Who Is Henri Alexander Levy? New Details On Demi Lovato's New Boyfriend

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Who Is Henri Alexander Levy? New Details On The Man Spotted Out With Demi Lovato
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Demi's been spotted out and about with a new guy.

Who is Henri Alexander Levy? The designer has been spotted out and about with Demi Lovato since the star left rehab earlier this month. 

The two were first seen together getting dinner at the Matsuhisa restaurant in Beverly Hills on Nov. 3, where stealthy snaps of the pair holding hands across the table first sparked romance rumors. 

The following day, the two were spotted out again, cozying up on a coffee date and strolling down an L.A. street with their arms around each other. 

Reports broke last weekend that Lovato, 26, had completed a 90-day rehab program following her near-fatal overdose earlier this year. After a ten-day hospitalization, Lovato checked herself into rehab in early August. 

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Since completing the program and returning to L.A., the star appears to be doing well, spending lots of time out and about with Levy. As romance rumors continue to swirl around Lovato and her new companion, here's everything you need to know about the star's potential new man. 

1. He's the founder of an elite fashion label 

Levy is the creative mind behind Enfants Riches Déprimés, a super-exclusive brand sported by the likes of Kanye West, Sofia Richie, and — oh yeah — Demi Lovato. Levy founded the label, which translates to "Depressed Rich Kids," back in 2012 when he was just 21 years old. The brand, which Levy described as "elitist, nihilist couture" in a 2016 interview with Complex, maintains its exclusivity through intentionally small quantities and distribution sizes. 

2. Henri or Henry? 

The designer was born Henry Levy in Atlanta on July 14, 1991. Since launching the brand, the young founder often goes by Henri Alexander or Henri Alexander Levy.

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3. Speaking of elitism... 

Levy attended Switzerland's prestigious Institut Le Rosey, AKA "The School of Kings." Founded in 1880, the institution is known for being the most expensive boarding school in the world. Back in 2012, Business Insider reported tuition rates of $113K per year. Levy also attended various boarding schools in America and Canada, telling Complex he "didn't last long" at any of them. 

4. Troubled past 

Like Lovato, Levy is no stranger to substance abuse. “I was, like, a fuck up in high school,” he told Complex. “I was caught up in drugs and sh*t like that,” he explained. Levy was just 15 when he did his first rehab stint in Malibu. The designer spent the rest of his teens in and out of various rehab programs, citing the experience as a major influence on his brand.

5. Aluminum Tastes Like Fear 

The designer proved he's an artist across multiple mediums earlier this year with the release of the fashion documentary, Aluminum Tastes Like Fear, a film examining his unique blend of punk-rock and high fashion lifestyles. 

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6. He and Demi met through rehab 

According to TMZ, the two artists actually met a few years back while both were seeking treatment. Whether the two are sober companions or more, they seem to have created a mutual support system, reportedly attending an AA meeting together after their rumored coffee date earlier this week.

7. A romance could lead to trouble 

While fans would love to see Lovato in a new romance following her tumultuous past year, addiction specialist Jennifer Gimenez cautions that a new relationship may not be the best idea for the recovering star. "In early recovery, it’s really important to focus on yourself,” Gimenez told HollywoodLife. “When you’re newly sober there’s one thing you need to change, and that’s everything. It’s essential at that time that you surround yourself with people that only want the best for you, and it’s really important to steer clear of embarking on any kind of romantic relationship for at least a year.”

Regardless of Lovato's relationship status, it's great to see the star out and about and looking happy in her continued recovery.

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