The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Cheat On You

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These Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Cheat On You
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Watch out.

When it comes to cheating, some zodiac signs can’t help themselves. They don’t WANT to be serial cheaters, but their personality traits make it really, really hard.

Each zodiac sign has their downsides, but for some, these traits make them likely to stray.

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Some zodiac signs are indecisive, obsessed with freedom, selfish, overly emotional, and get bored easily.

These traits may seem harmless, but they can lead to infidelity pretty fast.

Want to know which signs are most likely to cheat on you? This video lays em’ all out!

Now you know WHO will cheat, but how will you know WHEN they’ll do it?

Here’s how each zodiac sign acts before having an affair:

Aries: When they compare you to other people.

Taurus: When they ask you to change.

Gemini: They’re protective of their phone and social media messages.

Cancer: They’ll pull away.

Leo: They’ll act really distant.

Virgo: They are mean and lash out at you.

Libra: They spend as little time with you as possible.

Scorpio: They become really mean and downright vicious.

Sagittarius: They stop making an effort in the relationship.

Capricorn: They stop caring about the relationship.

Aquarius: They stop acting like your friend.

Pisces: They stop talking about their feelings.

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