Can A One-Night Stand Turn Into True Love?

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Can A One-Night Stand Turn Into True Love?

Maybe you won't regret it after all.

Wondering if last night’s fling could turn into something more? It’s worth investigating a little further.

It turns out that a whole lot goes on in the brain during a one night stand — much more than just wondering if you’ll regret it in the morning. But can you turn a one-night stand into a relationship, complete with true love?

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World-famous biological anthropologist, Helen Fisher, takes on this big question (maybe that casual romp wasn’t such a bad idea after all).

Here’s what she has to say…

Listen, a one-night stand doesn’t mean you have to feel ashamed. In fact, according to a 2017 study, a lot of people are having them. The study surveyed 1,000 Americans and Europeans, asking if they’d ever had a one time romp. Out of 500 people, 66% said that they have had at least one, which is about 330 people. That’s a whole lot.

According to the survey results, American women had an average of six one-night stands and American men had an average of seven. European men had an average of six, while European women had an average of four.

With all of those people engaging in one-night flings, the odds are that SOME of them found true love right?! Once you’ve watched the video, you’ll have a better idea of your odds! True love will come eventually. Until then, why not have a little fun?

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