13 Inspirational Love Quotes That You Can Give As Gifts To The Person You Love Most

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13 Inspirational Love Quotes That You Can Give As Gifts

Love quote gifts that say it all.

Love quotes are great when you can’t find the words to express your feelings. They make it easy to fill a birthday card or an Instagram caption. But what if you could physically give an ‘I Love You’ quote to the person you care about?

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Well, it turns out that you totally can! The internet is full of gifts sporting cute love quotes that you can hand right to your bae. From wall decals and shower curtains to artwork, pillows, and prints, here are some of the best love quote gift ideas you can buy online.

1. “Together is a beautiful place to be” wooden box sign

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This wooden block is just the right amount of rustic. It would look great in the kitchen, the den, or even the man cave (maybe you can convince him). The block can be left free standing or can be hung on the wall. It’s handcrafted and is a stylish way to say I love you every day.

Amazon, $13.99

2. “Love never fails” Wooden Wall Decor

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This wooden print will spruce up any room with its uplifting message. It’s a great piece for the living room, kitchen, or even a bathroom. Its frame is super durable, so you can hang it on nearly any wall. Plus, many reviewers say that they gave it as a gift and that the piece went over really well!

Amazon, $17.99

3. “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite” vinyl wall decal

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Could this love quote be any cuter? The vinyl wall decal lets you stick this quote on your wall seamlessly. It’s even better than a hanging decoration because it looks like it’s painted on. You can stick this decal on any wall, so you can be reminded of your love in any room of the house. Don’t worry, it’s easy to take off if you decide you want to move!

Amazon, $13.99

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4. “Love grows best in little houses” pillow

Photo: Amazon

Snuggle up with a love quote on the couch or in the bed. It’s super cute and will look good with most comforters or couches. And, it’s a sweet little reminder of love while you and bae have a Netflix and chill night.

Amazon, $8.99

5. “Love you then, love you still, always have, always will” canvas wall art

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This wall decor is perfect for the living room, dining room, kitchen, or the bedroom. It really says it all. With this piece of artwork, you’ll inspire everyone who enters your home to love a little more deeply.

Amazon, $57.99

6. “If I asked you to name all the things you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?" print

Photo: Amazon

This print is all about self-love. It’s great quality and looks lovely framed. Hang it on the wall, in the bathroom, or in the living room. It’s a great gift to give the person you love when you want to remind them to love themselves.

Amazon, $11.99

7. Lettery love letter board

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This letter board doesn’t have a specific love quote on it. You’ll be in charge of thinking of one to add. The board looks slightly vintage and is a great addition to any room. And, even though you’ll need to add a love quote yourself, it gives you a chance to change it every day.

Amazon, $19.00

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8. “Love is patient, love is kind” pillow

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This pretty pillow is a little bit rustic, and has a whole lot of color. It would look great in a dorm room, your bedroom, or even the living room. The colorful, floral design makes it a perfect match for a neutral colored couch.

Amazon, $7.96

9. “Love you more” photo holder block

Photo: Amazon

This inspirational block is multi-purpose. Use it to hold photos and let your bae know how much you love them. It’s great for holding wedding photos, engagement shots, or just a sweet pic of you together. It also makes a great gift for someone you love.

Amazon, $10.50

10. “I whale always love you” wall decor

Photo: Amazon

Love whales or plays on words? This wall hanging is perfect for you then. It’s cute, funny, and perfect for a beach house. It will look great on any wall. Plus, the whale is covered in glitter so it’s even more fabulous.

Amazon, $11.48

11. “Love you to the moon and back” decorative wooden box

Photo: Amazon

This wooden box can be set on a shelf or hung on the wall. It’s meant to give off a rustic, barnyard look, making it perfect for a country home. But, it will honestly look good no matter where you put it!

Amazon, $9.95

12. “I whale always love you” pillow

Photo: Amazon

This pillow couldn’t get any cuter. The whale image and the love quote make this piece a great gift. But, what makes it even better is that the image is done in watercolor. This gives it a subtle, artsy tone that will make this piece look good in any home.

Amazon, $9.99

13. Love arrow pillow

Photo: Amazon

This pillow keeps it simple with one word, love! But, the letters are in an interesting design which gives this pillow an artsy flare. It will look great on the bed or the couch, and remind you how important love is every day.

Amazon, $10.99

Sometimes, love quotes are better left unsaid. One of these love quote decorations will help you express how you feel even better than saying the words out loud.

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