Mom Of 3 Bullied By Other Moms For Wearing 'Inappropriate Parental Clothing’ That Showed Her Breasts To Kids' School

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Bella Vrondos Mom Shamed For Wearing A Tight Dress That Showed Breasts To Kids School
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Bella Vrondos is a mother of three children: 9-year-old Alyssa, 8-year-old Kiera, and 6-year-old Connor. She's also a model and owner of a beauty boutique in Australia, and loves to imitate the style of her favorite fashion icon, Kim Kardashian.

She says because of this — and a certain tight dress she wore to pick up her three kids from school — the 33-year-old is often bullied by other moms.

“I am viewed differently by society because of the way I look," she said. "People see me and they think I’m a mean girl, there’s a lot of judgment."  

In 2017, a photo of Bella and her kids went viral on Facebook, with people commenting mean things about her outfit. 

“I posted a photo on social media of me and my kids at school with their awards and the photo went viral because apparently the way I was dressed wasn’t appropriate for school," she said. "People were commenting saying I had my boobs out and I shouldn’t have worn that dress."

She claims this isn't the worst form of bullying she's encountered. Apparently, someone once advertised her as an escort on Craigslist as a joke. Though she's always had the same sense of style, Bella said the harassment started when she had a breast augmentation. 

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“I didn’t get plastic surgery to look like a porn star but because I’ve had three kids and my body totally deformed — I did it to be happy and to feel confident with my body," she said. “Being a mum doesn’t mean you have to give up your whole self being, I am trying to create awareness about that. If I wear heels to the shopping centre people will look at me, because you’re expected to dress down. I love wearing skirts, dresses and high heels."

Bella also said people have accused her of not being a good mom and spending all her money on herself and not her kids. People often ask her if she's a mother, and tell her she needs to dress more modestly. 

But, the mom of three is trying to raise awareness that there's no certain way a mom should look. Everyone should be allowed to be themselves. 

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“I love Kim Kardashian, she’s sexy but classy," she said. "I love wearing whatever she wears but I’m never distasteful, my hair and makeup are always done. Dressing up and doing my makeup makes me feel good about myself. My aim is to give everybody the same kind of confidence that I have achieved within those years of looking after myself. When people see me, they get intimidated but when they talk to me they realise that I’m just a normal person.”

And, her kids love her no matter what. 

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“My daughter Keira is exactly like me, she’s the prodigy of Bella. My kids love me for me and don’t want me to change."