The Scientific Reason You Cry More Than Your Guy

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The Scientific Reason Women Cry More Than Men
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Why do women cry twice as long as men?

Although some men are taught differently, there is no shame in crying. I have cried from watching a movie. I have cried during heated discussions. I have cried from just being tired. Crying is part of life.

But when I think about how often my boyfriend cries I probably have him beat. Many men try to hide their tears, but have you ever wondered how often they cry? Luckily, we have researchers to find these answers.

According to a study conducted at Tilburg University in the Netherlands where researchers talked to 5,000 people in 37 countries about their emotional responses.

They then found 66 percent of their male participants cry for less than five minutes, while 24 percent of them cried between six and 15 minutes.  On the other hand, 43 percent of women cry for less than five minutes, while 38 percent let it out between six and 15 minutes.

Then there are those long, heartbreaking waterworks sessions where 15 minutes just won't do. Scientists found that women unsurprisingly cry twice as long as men by having a cry that lasts between 31 minutes and an hour, along with over an hour.

What's the reason behind this difference? Are men just made of stone? Is it all the messaging from society that "boys don't cry"?

The answer could be both, actually. A study at University of Pittsburgh found that men are seemingly made of stone because of a difference in hormone levels, prolactin levels to be exact. Men have bigger tear ducts so it takes more for them to tear up. We also put so much pressure on them early on in life not to cry.

So the next time your husband decides to tease you about crying just tell him that you can't help it, you have smaller tear ducts!