10 Bizarre Food-Related Love Laws You Won't Believe Exist

girl with burger

What can't you serve in Peruvian prisons? And not serving what steamy hot drink in the morning was grounds for divorce in Turkey? We've all heard the weird and wacky instances of outlawed love—but you'd be amazed at how many of them have to do with food. We ask ourselves two things: One, why did you have to legislate this in the first place? And two, how do you enforce it?

Regardless, here are 10 strange but true laws you won't believe. (And some of these are still on the books!)

No Grounds = Grounds For Divorce?
We all need that first cup of morning java, but this might be taking things to the extreme: At one point, Turkish law permitted a wife to divorce her husband for failing to keep the family ibrik, or pot, filled. (Caffeine-addicted, much?)
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A Sweet Tooth's Nightmare
Chocolate has a very storied reputation as being a decadent aphrodisiac. So much in fact, that nuns were once forbidden from eating it.
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Forbidden Fruit
In the early settlement of America, Puritans declared tomatoes to be poisonous. Historians believe that it has something to do with the name, which was derived from the Italian, "pomi d'oro," (meaning "golden apple") and the French, "pomme d'amour," (meaning "love apple"). This sultry name origin made the proper Puritans think of the tomato as evil and therefore, shunned it from their gardens.
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Fishy Business
In the state of Minnesota, guys are outlawed from getting it on with a live fish. But this raises two questions: One, so that salmon you caught for a dinner date later is fair game? Two, does this mean ladies are free for fish-lovin'?
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No Garlic Breath, Please
In the town of Alexandria, Mississippi, it's illegal for a man to make love to his wife with the smell of garlic, onions or sardines on his breath. If she asks him to brush his teeth, he has to do it. No questions asked. (We're actually kind of grateful for this one.)
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Kiss From A Rose
In Riverside, California, it's illegal to kiss on the lips in public unless you both wipe your lips with carbonized rose water. (Okay, seriously? Where do you even find carbonized rose water?)
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Bottoms Up!
If you're planning to get hitched in Mississippi, we don't suggest you pregame before the big event. If the circuit court clerk issuing your marriage license believes you two are drunk, he or she will not grant you the license. What a buzzkill.
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We Were Just Cuddling For Warmth?
There must be something about the walk-in freezers that really sets the atmosphere for Midwesterners. In the small town of Newcastle, Wyoming, couples are banned from getting it on in a grocery store’s walk-in freezer. I can just imagine hearing a manager drone over the intercom: "Clean up on aisle seven."
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Courting & Candy
There was once a law on the books in Idaho that a man wasn't allowed to give his sweetheart a box of candy weighing less than fifty pounds. (No skimping out on Valentine's Day, guys!)
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Spicin' It Up
Looking to spice things up? If you're locked in a jail in this country, you're out of luck: In 1973, chili sauce and similar hot spices were banned from flavoring the food in Peruvian prisons. Why? Because an edict was handed down by the Interior Minister under the notion that they were dangerous aphrodisiacs that would arouse sexual desires in the prisoners.
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