Actress Natalie Martinez: Here's The Secret To Body Confidence

Natalie Martinez

Natalie Martinez's career is on the fast track to success. So, being curvy woman in an industry of twigs doesn't get her down. In fact, she embraces it!

At 28, the former spokesmodel for JLO by Jennifer Lopez is now modeling and acting; she's starring along side Russell Crowe and Mark Wahlberg in Broken City, the thriller coming out this Friday, January 18. So, we got the chance to ask her all about the film, dating and staying confident and in shape.

Tell us about the film; why did you decide to do it? It’s a thriller, with a great plot and a well-written script. Mark Wahlberg is such a pro, knows exactly what he’s doing and is so professional.

Add him to the list of hot men you’ve worked with! You’ve worked alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Wesley, Michael Pena and Justin Timberlake! Who’s your dream guy to star on-screen with? I like the Old Hollywood men!.So it’s probably Paul Newman!

So, are you single, looking, or taken? Yes, I’m single. But, I’m focusing on myself. If something comes along, I’m ready. But right now, my career is picking up and working on making myself happy.

Speaking of dating, what advice do you have for women who on how to stay confident on their first date? Be yourself, don’t ever pretend to be anyone else. I think people are most beautiful when they’re most natural; that way, you’ll find someone who loves you for you.

In Hollywood, body image is a huge topic; where do you see yourself? I’m a curvy, Spanish woman and I’m proud of what I have! It’s a work in progress. I love myself, so I show my body respect by eating healthy. What you eat is 70% of it. Once you start eating healthy, you will automatically feel better mentally. You’re not going to feel any different the minute you leave the gym, but your body will feel it when you start adjusting.

How do you adjust to the typical, skinny women around you? It’s hard out there! Actors and models, most of them are slender and I know many feel that the clothes they wear only look good on them, but it’s not true. Plus, many models work really hard at their bodies by being healthy and working out.

So, what’s next for Natalie Martinez and what should be most excited about in Broken City? Well, Broken City comes out this weekend. Why will you love it? Mark Wahlberg! It’s also a really great story with twists and turns! Next for me, I may have a TV show coming out in the summer!

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