Arturo Gatti's Wife Charged With Murder

arturo gatti murder
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This weekend's death of the prize fighter points to another sports romance gone wrong.

It's been an ugly two weeks for athletes and their drama-riddled love affairs. Last week it was Steve McNair whose mistress Sahel Kazemi killed him before committing her own suicide in Nashville. Cops: McNair's 'Irrational' Mistress Staged Murder

Now it's U.S. and Canadian famed fighter Arturo Gatti, 37, who was murdered on Saturday by strangulation with a purse strap, according to ESPN. Gatti was on a second honeymoon with his wife Amanda Rodrigues and their one-year-old son in Brazil, Amanda's native country. Reports have suggested that the trip was an attempt to work out an approaching legal separation. 

The make-up never worked. Arturo and Amanda were historically a violent and uber-jealous pair, and in March Arturo didn't show up to court when she alleged he'd assaulted her. Sources close to them have said that he threw fits over the way she dressed when they visited Brazil, and they were both known for their vices—after authorities found him murdered on Saturday, witnesses revealed that the couple had both been excessively drunk and violent with each other at dinner Friday night.

Early Saturday morning Amanda called police to report that her husband appeared to be dead. When officials showed up they noticed injuries on her chin and elbow and found it suspicious that she couldn't explain where they'd come from. They found other flaws in her story, such as her inability to suggest whom else might have committed the murder, or why she'd been present with her husband's body for 10 hours before noticing he was dead.When A Woman Hits Her Husband

She's been formally charged with first-degree murder and detained by local Brazilian police. Their son was reportedly unharmed.

Photo courtesy Getty Images. Scoop courtesy ESPN.com.