Tooth Tattoos Show You Care

tooth tattoo

When words are not enough.

Everlasting symbols of love are hard to come by: Wedding rings can be lost, roses (or love ferns) inevitably wither and die, and love letters can fade, tear or burn.

That's where the tooth tattoo comes in. Unlike on skin, there's no hiding this dental work under a piece of clothing. Tooth tattoo artists have created likenesses of celebs such as David Letterman, Elvis (pictured) and Bob Dylan -- and for anywhere from $75 to $500, they could whip one up of you or your man, too.

According to eHarmony.com, women focus on a man's teeth in deciding if they'd like to kiss him. Imagine leaning in for a kiss and catching your initials displayed next to his right cuspid. Tattoos are applied with a stain at 1775 degrees, and if things go south, dental artists claim removal takes but 20 minutes.

Move over, gold grill. There's a new pearly white frill in town.