A Different Kind of Holiday Wish List


Too many things happened this past week. I got this new cell phone and in the process, accidentally lost a whole lot of contacts because I didn’t transfer my phone book quick enough. Call me kooky, but I think it’s allowed me to close a chapter in my life and start a new one. Yes, this is me. I look for meaning in everything, yet can’t sit still for three minutes to meditate on anything. Spirituality is truly a different concept for everyone.

Anyway, I’ve been getting a lot of this lately from my girlfriends: “Rajul, who the hell is (insert guy’s name here)? I don’t remember …is he the one from the gym? Or the one you Sue’s been trying to set you up with?”

So, I’ve composed a list of these gentleman callers (in no particular order) and what they currently mean to me.

1. Jon: This is the one Sue thought I’d make a love connection with. Not my “type” but I decided to venture out of my comfort zone because he’s nice, smart, and has a way with words (ahh to be a writer…) After we had drinks one evening, I decided I definitely liked him and wanted to take him up on a dinner offer he made. Unfortunately, he was not feelin’ the girl – something about how I didn’t return his interest. I do know that he’s pining after this other female that’s like a Disney princess to him. Sigh…he deserves what he longs for. I can’t compete. But you know who can?

2. Eric: Met this sexy thang at the gym, and of course tore him apart with premature judgment. I was ready for a dud but wanted something nice to look at over some Italian food. Turns out he was polite, funny, spiritual, and sweet. The cherry on top? I asked him where he went to college, hoping he went at all and he replied casually, “I did undergrad at Pace here in New York,  and then my Master’s and PhD at Michigan State.” I nearly choked on my Grey Goose dirty. More drink-choking when I first laid eyes on…

3. Shawn: Haven’t gone out with this one yet, but I met him through a friend at a party last weekend and he definitely caught my attention.  Yum.  We spoke on the phone about getting dinner together, and I’m actually looking forward to it. He made me laugh within the first 10 minutes of interaction. And humor is crucial, just ask…

4. Max: Yes, it sounds like a dog’s name but don’t judge. I went to the movies with this one on Saturday night and had great conversation.  I’m a movie talker. You know – those annoying people in the theatre that whisper things like “Wait, who is that?” “Why is she so mad?” “Ooooh. What the…I don’t get it,” knowing damn well that the other person hasn’t seen it either and has no answers. Max humored me. I like that.

So that’s it for this week.  Of course I’ve disguised most of the names but people can figure it out and I’m basically screwed either way.  All for the love of my luminous, amazing, beautiful readers! All six of you…

Of course, there’s still Alex, my west coast crush. After we both vowed  to keep it friendly in order to preserve our bond, I slipped up this week (the holidays make me soft) and admitted to him that seeing mistletoe makes me yearn for his kisses. I’m a mess.

Truth be told - I’d rather be a mess for infatuation than a mess for Andre any day.