Vacation Realization

Vacation Realization

We’re back from Mexico. From 80 degrees to 20 and lower. (Why the hell do I live in Minnesota!?) The vacation was wonderful, absolutely. We laid around, we shopped, we ate, we swam, we played cards, we napped, we sunbathed, and ate some more. If you think this sounds like heaven, well, it was. The only problem I had with the trip was that it wasn’t longer.

Steve and I went to Mexico with my sister and her husband, my best friend and her husband, and my mom and dad. Mom and Dad, you say? Yeah, I hear you. Before we left, I selfishly thought that they might just cramp our style a bit. I mean I completely wanted them to go, and agreed they would be fun to have along, honestly, but it did cross my mind that it would change the dynamics. Turn things down a notch. After all this was a couples’ holiday – no kids and all. Hopefully a week full of intimacy, day or night. And having Mom and Dad there would..…you know.

Well. Turns out. Not an issue.

During an evening card game: Mom, can you hurry up and bid? I want to get to bed. I’m exhausted.

A few days into the vacation: Uh Dad, do you have any of your rash ointment?

Mom to me: Pauline honey, we would have waited for you but you were still napping.

At the club at 1:00 in the morning: Dad sitting there with us, watching Steve drum (he was sitting in – more on this next week), having a great time.

Me to the group: I really like the mattress here; my back has been feeling pretty darn good in the morning. (lively discussion ensued)

Me at dinner: Oh shoot, I can’t have that! My heartburn and all.

God! What has happened?

I still see myself and my contemporaries as well, young. NOT JUST young at heart, but still….YOUNG. Damnit! But the truth is, with every passing year, we are becoming more and more contemporaries of our parents. We talk about the same thing, we laugh at the same things, we share lotions and advise for aches and body problems, we really really appreciate a good nap (on vacation, “taking a nap” used to be code for an afternoon romp, but more and more, it’s really about sleeping. And we seem to like it just as much!), and so on.

It’s really not a bad thing. Just something to get used to, because we spend so much of our lives convinced that we are NOTHING LIKE our parents. Believe me, I know this acutely: I’m currently the mother of two teen-agers.

I just thought of this (speaking of teen-agers). If Mom and Dad wouldn’t have been on the vacation, I would have sworn more. There’s that. So see, there’s still some divergence, there.

That and the whole wisdom thing. They’re way ahead of me on that…

This concludes another view from my married life.