Sometimes Financial Opposites Attract

Sometimes Financial Opposites Attract

From Money Magazine

(Money Magazine) -- Opposites attract, and Michele Roth and Rory Durkin prove the point - at least when it comes to their finances. She works for a financial services firm and is a self-described hoarder. He's a lawyer and an impulsive and generous spender. She despises debt. He sleeps comfortably with $25,000 in credit-card balances."We're night and day," says Rory. Knowing full well that financial issues are a prime reason that marriages fail, Michele, 32, and Rory, 43 - who met in their condo building and got engaged in July - want to bridge their differing views on money and figure out a way to marry their finances before walking down the aisle next August.

Tango’s Take

Uh. She makes a little over a third as much as he does and is ten years older and has saved roughly 15 times as much? Yeah, this may not work. When we read the headline, we figured this was another opposite side of the tracks story. You know, a classic fish out of water tale. She sews her own clothes and he throws out the crusts of bread. Ha ha, no big deal. But these divergent spending (and saving) habits are going to be a problem eventually. This sort of goes against stereotype too. Most people probably think that women spend more capriciously. Hopefully, these two will figure out how in the near term how to get her country to partner up with his rock & roll. This has to be one of the only cases in history that if they were to divorce, she would get alimony (because of his salary) and he would get a settlement (because of her net worth). Save everyone a headache and sign a prenup.

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