Business Partners Now Trying Couples Therapy

How are business partnerships and relationships alike? They both take work, compromise, and understanding. That's why some business partners see couples therapists. Maybe a new job exists, part career coach and part relationship therapist.

From The New York Times By Marci Alboher AFTER about nine years together, Marcia Mulé and Bryan Scott noticed that a bit of the thrill in their relationship had worn off. In fact, they had some issues that were getting in the way of moving forward. So they decided to seek help. Ms. Mulé and Mr. Scott are not partners in marriage, but partners in Picture This Television, an Emmy award-winning television production company. And their help came from a variation on the couple’s counselor: the business therapist. Whether they call themselves coaches, consultants, trainers or therapists, those who work with business partners describe their work in much the same way marriage counselors do. They say that working on a partner relationship goes a long way toward creating a successful business marriage. And while many advisers have been quietly counseling business partners for years, the partners are talking more openly now about the work they do to stay together. Tango’s Take How about that? Relationships take work and work takes relationships. We are fairly surprised that Confucius didn’t come to that same conclusion. That guy was sharp. We wonder how many partnerships fail because of the partners’ inability to get along and divide work? We’re guessing most that fail, fail for that reason. So, it turns out the keys to all relationships are equitable division of work, knowing each other’s strengths, and communication. Even drinking buddies have to do this; one guy is the lady’s man, one guy is the wingman, and the third guy is the comic relief. Know your role. Read More Of The Original Article…

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