Nikki Sixx And Donna D’Errico Reach Divorce Settlement

Nikki Sixx And Donna D’Errico Reach Divorce Settlement

From TMZ

Donna D'Errico and Nikki Sixx were in court today to settle financial matters in their divorce, and one thing is clear: Donna just wants to be done with her ex.

Despite the fact that the judge expressed concern for Donna, both parties waived their rights to financial support.

Tango’s Take What’s it about sultry blondes and members of Motley Crue that doesn’t seem to work in the long run? Honestly, if a dude that once died of a heroin overdose and a former cast member of Baywatch can’t make it, what chance do the rest of us have? Maybe Donna D’Errico, Pamela Anderson, and Heather Locklear can get a TV show together. We’re pretty sure that they’re available. And Rick Salomon could always be tryin’ to get with one of them and each episode would end with Pam Anderson saying, “Oh Rick, what aren’t we going to do with you.” And then winks at the camera. If the writers stay on strike, this could happen. And by the way, it looks like the real Motley Crue (not some watered down ‘Crew’ without Tommy Lee) is set to make a new album.
He's the one they call Dr. Feel Good. He's the one that makes ya feel all right.

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